Benefice of Eynsford with

Farningham & Lullingstone

Friends of St Martin's

The Friends of St. Martin’s, Eynsford (FSME) was registered as a charity in March 1998 (charity number 1069450). Its purpose is to preserve, improve and beautify the church building and the churchyard. By law, it must use its income solely for this purpose, and not for any part of the day-to-day running costs of the church’s activities (which are funded by contributions from the regular congregation).

The 200 Club

One of our fund-raising schemes is the FSME monthly draw. We are allowed by law to have 200 members each subscribing £1 per week. This subscription has to be paid in advance either by cheque for six months or one year, or by standing order paid quarterly or annually. With the receipt for your subscription you will receive your unique number which will go into the draw every month for one of three cash prizes. Half of all the income goes back to the shareholders in prize money.

The size of the prizes depend on the number of participants. There are 3 monthly prizes of up to £70, and twice a year bumper prizes of around £300. Of course, the more people who join, the larger these prizes are.

This is a marvellous source of funds for the church, particularly as it is regular, recurring and predictable. Please join! Or ... if you already have a share increase your prize winning chances by taking another one!

Simply download the application form, fill it in and post it! It couldn't be easier and you could be the next winner!

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