Toilet twinning


Eynsford and Farningham and now officially the first toilet twinned villages in Kent! The number of toilets we have twinned is now 38. To view the list please click here
Sarah Boyle, chair of Eynsford parish Council receives the Eynsford village certificate.
Councillor Amy McEnroe accepts the certificate on behalf of Farningham
Here's our 'Roll of honour' at the back of St Martin's. The list of toilets twinned is growing all the time.
Musical Tots are one of the group to twin a toilet - raising the £60 needed to twin a toilet in the Baptist Church where they meet. Here they are presenting a certificate to Liz, the elder at Eynsford Baptist Church.
Many thanks to Eynsford Village Society for twinning a toilet at the Baptist Church.
After a coffee at the Riverside cafe you can now use the toilet twinned facilities. 
Thanks Sharon and the team at the castle - both ladies' and gents' toilets twinned.
Braeside Surgery in Farningham. Many thanks to all at the surgery for supporting our health and the health of those overseas.  
And another toilet twin - Lullingstone Roman Villa accepts two toilet twins from the EFL churches. Many thanks to Isobel (seen here) holding her certificates.

And now you can use the toilet in the Malt Shovel knowing that another community is enjoying safe toilet facilities.

Many thanks to the Eynsford Gardeners' Club for sponsoring this one.