Celebration service at Lullingstone Roman Villa


Sunday 3rd March 2019, 4.00pm

A celebration service of God’s faithfulness

to the Darent Valley

in Lullingstone Roman Villa

one of the oldest known sites of Christian worship in England

with the Bishop of Tonbridge


“The evidence of the Christian house-church [in Lullingstone] is a unique discovery for Roman Britain and the wall-paintings are of international importance. Not only do they provide some of the earliest evidence for Christianity in Britain, but they are also almost unique.” English Heritage


“The thread of Christianity which had started in the House-Church of the Roman Villa about AD385, and was continued there in the Saxon period, was...joined to St Botolph [church], enduring to the present day - probably the longest continuance of Christian worship in any one place in the country.”

Lieut. Col. Geoffrey Wells Meates, excavator of Lullingstone Roman Villa, 1949-62

All are welcome for Christian music from the last 1,600 years, readings and prayers




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